The wind was still in the horizon, but the atoms of her soul were unquiet.
Something...un-shaped, un-formed was being called forward.

Because this time next year you won’t be starting, you will be already taking flight...

Because you know how much impact you can have if only “they” know about you...

Because you want to concentrate on the actual work, the great work, and have it all make sense.

Those are all good reasons to invest in strategic branding, to understand your business at its core and give it a form, a voice, a language of sorts that easily translates to the market, creating value all around.

The most important reason, though...

Because your soul is calling!


What if you branding strategy is the key?...

My primary focus is uncovering what lies beneath to make your new venture come to life in alignment to your values and mission.  With clarity. And shared experiences. And unique to you

We explore your iP. Your iconic person, your client. They become the centre of attention. 

My recipe: a mix of inquiry and curiosity, a background in Social Psychology and Financial Marketing, a splash of Latin American rhythms and a love for graphic design. 

The branding decisions (aka strategy) are your roadmap for a simple, dynamic, vivid and memorable brand, that with care and consistency, will make your offer shine. 

Picked your curiosity?


The Spotlight is on You!

Highlights from my clients’s brands



Strategic Branding for a fantastic health coach.


Strategic Branding for a brilliant podcast in French.