There was a time when I hid underneath the covers to read past my bedtime.

There was a time when I put on my high healed tap shoes to dance on stage.

And there was a time when I was a foreign student -actually I was a foreign student all throughout my university. 

But those are only snippets of my life.

I am also Jewish.

I am also mom to five beautiful souls.

I am also wife to my soulmate.

And still, those are only bits.

I studied Sociology and Psychology, and Financial Marketing.

I’ve been a bond trader and Assistant to a UNICEF officer. 

I have worn many hats, and the sum of all those experiences brings me to today: Strategic Branding.

I love the challenge of finding clarity and order in the confusion and tsunami our thoughts generate. I love the simplicity of a clean system, pre-made decisions that make sense to what you want to achieve.

We don’t have more hours in a day, we can use those hours to do work that pays off.  Being smart about deep work that has a ripple effect, because it is strategic branding.

Creating thus a brand strategy that is dynamic, adaptable & aligned, so you and your dream can shine.

P.S. I speak English, Spanish & Hebrew and have a good understanding of French (and currently working on my German).

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