A Brand New Possibility


When the cherry trees blossom, we are immediately struck with their beauty.

Gorgeous shades of whites and pinks outside our window, down the street.

Intensity, serenity.

It is a sudden awakening announcing Spring’s arrival.

We are enchanted by the magic, Nature at her best. And for a moment or two we may get carried away and forget. Forget the work, the many iterations, the centuries of practice, of repetition.

There is also the transitions: the blossoming flowers were slightly smaller yesterday, and once there was a seed. And there are also the elements: the minerals from the earth, the rays from the sun, the droplets of water, all contributing, constantly.

We see the branches and the trunk, but we cannot forget the roots. Hidden, unseen, yet forever wise and primordial. The roots know what possibilities lie ahead. They know why.

At the roots lives the essence of the cherry tree, any tree.

And just like that, at the very roots of your business, real or still imagined, there lies the essence of your brand. This is your starting point.


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