An abundance of numbers


150.. The maximum number of actual friends our brains can network with  - that’s known as Dunbar’s number ( Communities of 150 members seem to be in our genes.

42... the number of muscles on a face. We express emotions through their movement, even with our masks on. 

142... minutes, that’s the average time per person on social media every day! And that was in 2019, before the COVID 19 pandemic (

-4.4%... read that negative growth of 4.4%, it’s the global economy projection of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for 2020. (

Those are some unrelated numbers. There is an abundance of numbers, data, costs, profits and losses, percentages, forecasts, likes, infinity.

We look at them for guidance. We use them to assert success. 

Which numbers do you follow? What do you measure that means success in your business? In your life?



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