Fear and the number 4


The 4am scream. 




You know, the one with the bed full of bugs and the monster behind the door. That’s a typical 4-year-old, growing up. 

As the brain scrambles to get rid of all the extra excitement of the day lived, the images seem quite real, and they take on wild proportions. Referred to as night terrors, I believe they are more terrifying for the parent than for the child.  At least we remember them, most children have no recollection of the night-time action. However long they last —usually seconds to a few minutes — the child is unconscious (level 4 sleep).

Fear is like that, an unconscious and usually defensive mechanism that alerts us to a danger or a change.  And we remember it. We remember it, analyze it, attempt to understand it, explain it, fight it.... thinking and over thinking that keeps us stuck, frozen, playing small, not showing up. 

😳I remember fear freezing my capacity to act for days after an earthquake hit. 

😳I know how easy it is to give up on a dream because it is scary to be criticized and not being perfect.

😳There are the Wild Things of my future teller imagination, better to play small than to have terrible things happen.

And I have come to realize that there is a fourth aspect of fear, holding hands.  It is an experiment of befriending it.  Of going ahead and standing center stage, even with fear flapping its wings in your belly. Showing up, speaking up, doing, publishing and shipping, while letting fear be there. 

Not easy, but leaping into the unknown with fear by my side has been the surest way to grow and begin to fulfill my soul’s calling.

I have an opening for one strategic branding client at the moment.  If you are ready to befriend your fears and establish yourself and your dream with a brand that is vibrant and aligned, I will be happy to speak with you. Fears and all.  Maybe we end up working together. Maybe I can give you some brand strategy advice for free and you fly on your own. 

You can book that call here:

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In the meantime, which fear is stopping you from establishing yourself as a coach, baker, podcaster, writer, ...?


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