My most important sombrero


We say we wear many hats. Hopefully, no more than one a time. But...

in this crazy times, with partial lockdowns and distance learning, knowing which one to pick is cloudy at best. A random choice.  

On some days, my hats tend to merge into unique creations, two or three at once. If I were to picture them, they might be funny looking, even ridiculous. ([imagine inserted gif.... no time to search]).

And so it was last week, after an infuriating and pointless telephone call that had me pacing furiously, I stoped. Outside, a little tree stood tall after the snow had flattened it. Nature is a great teacher.

Back to basics. Priorities. Took off all of my hats. Placed them in their boxes. Except for one.

My most important sombrero: being there for my kids. 

🐉Making up stories to answer: why we dream? Why it feels so real when we have a bad dream? 

🏎Taking the time to explain division and basic economics and how to draw a speed car with blue wheels (still working on that one). 

🍋Preparing honey & lemon tea, a bowl of chicken soup, a warm lavender bath, a big hug. 

🧘🏻‍♀️Finding the calm within so that they feel the little tree standing tall also inside of them. 

Because I want to inspire them to be beyond resilient, anti-fragile, and thus fulfill their own promise. Because these 5 souls are my most precious gift. 

What is your most important sombrero?  


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