The smoke screen


You know the feeling that you need to find something to do that has a sense of purpose?
Otherwise you might find yourself not doing anything interesting again?

Or the thought that your neurons are just dying from lack of application?

That was my thinking a few years back, having moved my family and given up my position as a bond trader.

It is easy to stay stuck. And for some of us, it is easy to dream of all the possibilities of businesses and startups.But imagination is funny. It is just as easy to conjure new ideas as to find obstacles for each one of them.

One such obstacle, I see over and over, is the need for branding. More accurately, a logo. You want one to start, but you have very little resources (or none) to pay for it. You want it quickly. But this is just a smoke-screen.

All the marketing and branding in the world mean nothing without a clear offer. 

That’s why I deeply believe you should work on your product or service first. Invest time, energy and all your resources there. Practice. Try it out. Make a lean prototype.

Don’t hide behind an expense that is so much more meaningful once you are already out there, doing, helping, serving and creating joy and transformation.Doing a logo for the sake of having one might be a rabbit hole you don’t need.

The actual doing is what will give you back your joy and sense of purpose.
Everything else is a means of communication.
Important and intrinsic for growth, but not urgent to get started.  


And still, there is no need to be brand-less either.

I put together a free, easy to follow guide to get you to create your first logotype and choose a brand color. That’s enough to start and get you traction.

Get it here:

make five choice, and you will have the very essential elements that can see you through. 

Perfect until you are ready to hire me 😇.



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