Color is key as communicator of your brand.

It represents your message to your audience, expressing you.

It is the emotional bridge, connecting you and them. 

Color is also frequency, an identifier, and… it is so easy to get lost in the overthink when trying to decide what colors to use. 🤯

But what if finding the right colors for your brand could be fun, entertaining and even help you clarify and connect to your own Brand?

What’s included:

THE WORKSHOP: Two-hours of in-depth work (recorded). It is split in parts so that you can move at your own pace.

It will be fun, it might be challenging, it will be safe. It’s a learning, growing, working and dancing jam. 

THE WORKBOOK: This is both your playground and your soil. You can use it to follow along, to go further in depth later and as your guiding compass. (It also has lots of good links).

THE RESULT: Your colors of course. In a way that you can use them, with tools and examples of applicability. With an understanding of the codes (HEX or RGB …). And most importantly, with such a connection to the colors that you can immediately start using them in your CANVA (or your ❤️ design platform).