Learn how to find the unique and cohesive color palette 🌈 that adds flavor to your brand, attracts your best clients, and makes a lasting impact. With ease and fun. (Oh, and in only 5 days!).

Monday through Friday, you will receive a daily email. Each with a short video, that day’s portion of the CookBook, and a action item.
Do all five and by Friday you will have your own flavorful colors. 

In our “kitchen” we will:

🍎Pick your ingredients 

(a.k.a. Know Your Brand)

We first dive in into your Brand, to find the defining aspects that make it be. Then, 

🍑 Mix, blend or grill

(But on the screen, not the stove)

We find what best represents our brands. And then, 

🍋 We plate  

(I can’t wait to see the beautiful colors you find)

We get to finding the colors. And not only that, but understanding how best to use them.